Tuesday, August 15, 2017


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Seriously, I proud of him. For me he is a Superman. He is my Einstein, Veta, Brandon, Darcy, Edmund, Knightley, Tilney, Frederick, Gilbert, Bertram, Hans Solo, Edward, Jace, Patch, Xavier, Warner, Oliver and etc... etc... etc.

I like his smile, his perverse mind, and his rather weird hair. I know he’s not the cutest guy in the world and falling in love with him is something I haven't expected and I couldn't stop, even I tried.

I think of him every morning and all the time. I dream of him every night.

He is my world, my everything.

He knows about what I feel, but he doesn’t care. He’s off with some girl. She’s probably prettier, nicer and smarter than me. But no matter how great she is, she’ll NEVER love him like I do.

Early Morning, August 15th 2017

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