Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June In UFO History


Here are some of the more interesting sightings this month on the UFO Timeline :

1. June 1945 - The Curious Case Of The Jack LeMonde UFO Photo
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2. June 21, 1947 - Pre-Arnold/Pre-Roswell UFO Fleet Encounter
(Source: http://www.cropcircleresearch.com/enigma/issue5/ufo.html)

3. June 24, 1947 - Kenneth Arnold's Famous UFO Sighting

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4. June 5, 1955 - UFO Photographed Over Belgium

(Source: http://www.ufocasebook.com/bestufopictures.html)

June 18, 1959 - UFO Photographed Over Waikiki

6. June 1966 - The Controversial Villa Photos

7. June 13, 1966 - Policeman Sees Strange Flying Machine In Road
The policeman who had observed an object over Milan on Mar. 17 saw an unidentified machine on the ground at a street intersection. He drove toward it with his headlights illuminating the object, which took off like an airplane, flying away to the southeast. Investigation by Selfridge AFB. - (Atic) This same officer was previously involved in the great Michigan UFO chase.

8. June 1967 - Astronauts Photograph UFO In Space
Astronauts Ed White (first American to walk in space) and James McDivitt were passing over Hawaii in a Gemini spacecraft when they saw a weird-looking metallic object. The UFO had long arms sticking out of it. McDivitt took pictures with a cine-camera. Those pictures have never been released.

9. June 7, 1973 - Strange Lights Photographed, France

Chantereine, France, 1973. Jean Marc Bisson, aged 16, took this photograph from the window of his residence in Chantereine in the Seine-et-Marne on June 7 between 9:30 P.M. and 10:00 P.M. 
He was drawn to the window by the mewings of his she-cat, and there he saw strange gleams in the sky, coming from the Southeast and going towards the NorthEast, so he decided to grab his Kodak instamatic camera. The largest of the gleams seen on this photographs had the apparent diameter equivalent to that of the Moon for its central part.

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