Sunday, April 22, 2012

What is TIME?

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Ok, now… let’s talk about the time.

What do we really understand by time?
For most of us time is something on shelf or on our wrist. Pushed, we might take the subject a little further than this and say time has something to do with the day and night and the sunh and monn and stars. But if these elementary notions of time in terms of astronomy are basically correct, has not astronomy then to do with space rather than time? Surely our concept of times derives from the fact that we go round the sun, calling one complete revolution a solar year, and one complete turning of the earth on itself, or on its axis, a day and ninght. This turning, for convenience’s sake we divide into twenty four units that call hours.

But are these not completely artficials divisions?
Are that not an effect of time?
Have we ever seen an hour or a day?
Can we think of an houror day as something apart from a clock face or calendar
Does time in fact exist at all?
True, we hae memory of something that happened yesterday, or last year our holidays for example but has this anything t do with time?
Can we not instead say the earth kappened to be a different place in relation to the sun, and in process of completing a different orbit; not this one we are on now, at any rate.
Has time something to do with difference, the; is, in fact, this what time is as all about?

Who really know? Like money, perhaps the most we can say about time (as we treat it) is that it is a very useful way of dealing with a relationship that we must all enterinto. But initself, the real meaningof time,is as elusive as ever.
Surely the same thing is apparent in the very language we use to refer  to time.

What do we say about time? Indeed, what don’t we say about time? We spare it, we save it, we lose it,  we find it and we keep it, we tell it, we make it and idiomatically those of us who break the law, do it. And in actual fact, literally, do we do any of this things at all?

We say we save time, but what do we mean by save?
That we collect it and put it inn a little glass tube like anhours glass or egg timer? No, we mean we do something quicker than we might otherwise have done it.
What do we mean by to spare the time?
That time has been condemned to die and mercifully we allow it to live?No, but that we can , or cannot, make or find the time necessary to do something in. and to lose time you cannot find your watch or egg timer? No, you are spending or wasting time you cannot afforf to waste instead of getting onwith whatever it is you should be getting on with.

All of which leavesus where with regard to time? Are we any wiser coming our than we were going in? It would seem not, and perhaps not until time itself or space or whatever it is that is eluding us, stands still and explains its mystery, shall we be so…  

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