Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mickey Mouse Shaped Craters on Mercury

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This may sound a bit goofy, but there's a crater formation in outer space that looks remarkably like a cartoon character.

There's something very familiar about the big ears, the smile, the snub nose and small eyes that most children have seen on a visit to Disney's Magic Kingdom.

But the startling likeness to the beloved figure of Mickey Mouse is out of this world - in fact it has been pictured 48 million miles from Earth on the planet Mercury.

Cartoon caper:
A rock formation on the planet Mercury
which has a startling resemblance to Mickey Mouse
Disney hero:
Mickey Mouse's silhouette is famous the world over
The image was taken by the U.S. spaceship Messenger which has snapped more than 100,000 pictures since it went into orbit round Mercury in March last year.

Seven of the spaceship's scientific instruments are unraveling the history and evolution of the Solar System's innermost planet.

One of the instruments has globally mapped the planet in high-resolution monochrome and colour images uncovering a new view of Mercury and shedding light on the planet's geologic history.

It is the first time a spaceship has ever orbited the planet and now Messenger is on a year-long science mission - shame it isn't going to Pluto where perhaps they might find Mickey's faithful dog!!


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